Starting a blog is an efficient way to express your ideas and feelings. It is also a good way to promote your business. Well, do you want to start your personal or business blog? Then, you come to the right place. The following ideas will show you how to start a blog in 2019.
If you are a beginner in blogging, you must know what type of blog you are going to focus on. Before that, let us first know what a blog is.

What is a blog?

A blog is a site wherein you provide a written content about a specific topic. There different types of blogs, such as news, personal blogs, business, celebrity, health, sports blogs, and more. With this, you must choose one of these. You can also include different topics on your blog if you want.
Now let us continue the steps on starting a blog.

Choose the name of your blog

You must choose a descriptive blog name. It must describe your focus or industry. Make sure you have a specific niche for your own blog. To be a successful blogger, you must have a niche, so you can focus more on making valuable content for your readers. There are different categories for the blog, so you must have one, so you will not be confused.
It is also essential to choose a niche that matches your interest or hobby. With this, you can easily provide content, and you know about your blog focus.

Select a blogging platform

The next step in blogging is to pick the platform for your blog. There are many blogging platforms in the market, so you must choose the one that can satisfy your needs. There are free platforms and self-hosted platforms. Meanwhile, one of the most popular and most trusted platforms is WordPress. It is an excellent choice, especially if you are new to blogging.
You must select a platform that is user-friendly and intuitive. It must also be easy to install. Well, WordPress can be an efficient partner. Thus, it comes with different customized features. You can expect to have a functional blog that can attract more readers.

Choose your domain name

You need a domain name no matter what your niche is. It is your unique address on the web. Users can discover your blog via search engines like Bing and Google, so you must have a unique domain name.

Establish a web hosting account

Now that you have chosen your domain name, you can establish a web hosting account. It is critical to choose a trustworthy hosting service to make the most of your blogging. You can prefer for website hosting service provider that can offer you with 24/7 customer support.

Starting your blog with WordPress

After you have chosen a web hosting account, you must set up your blog with WordPress. Here, you can experience a more customized blogging experience. Even more important, WordPress is ideal for boosting your SEO. So, you can attract more readers to your blog.

Create a theme or design of your blog

The layout and design of your blog are essential to attract more readers. So, you must have a creative and engaging design and layout that can help you get the interest of the people. Make sure that it is a professional one.

Create content and advertise your blog

Now that you have finished the steps mentioned above, you can now write your content and begin to advertise your blog. Make sure to have quality content to make it interesting for your target audience. Do you need a photo, videos, and other tools for your blog? Aside from the design, the content of your blog is important to have a successful blogging experience. You can now submit your blog content to the search engine.

Why Is WordPress the Best Option for SEO?

It cannot be denied that WordPress is among the top choice blogging platforms. Well, if you want to know more about why WordPress is the best, read more.

SEO-friendly URL

With WordPress, you can have SEO-friendly URLs, so your blog post can be found in search engines.

SEO meta descriptions

A meta description is another factor to rank your blog in the search engines. WordPress has that feature. It can boost your ranking and allows you to reach a large number of readers.

Mobile Optimization

With the use of WordPress in your blog, you can have a better SEO ranking. Thus, it comes with mobile optimization. Mobile phones are already a big part of daily life. Your blog post can now be accessed on mobile phones with WordPress.

Following the above steps, you can now start a blog in 2019. You can also use WordPress as your blogging platform to reach your target audience.