Online marketers and even bloggers are thinking about the same thing – acquire more target audiences.   Well, that’s a tough job if you consider the evident competition that’s happening now in cyberspace. But here’s the bright side:

Trending content and marketing strategies this 2019 are here to bring you closer to your goals of developing your site, acquiring more costumers, and becoming successful.

So, let’s find out what are these top 6 trends in SEO and content marketing in this article.

Let’s begin.

Content Creation Processes

If you want the best content, you need to invest in it.  Based on the B2C research of the Content Marketing Institute, 56% of content marketers increased their spending for the past 12 months. The reason is content creation that allows them to:

  • Write content
  • Edit
  • Optimize
  • Plan the content cover
  • Research topics and keywords

So, investing in content creation makes sense for you to create quality content.

Exceeding Superficial Content

Have you observed brands using blogs instead of superficial content? Well, I’ll be honest. In using this tactic, your audience wouldn’t stay anymore.


Yes, blogs are comprehensive and researched thoroughly.

But your audience wouldn’t read this.  Do you want to know what your viewers wish to – a well-researched superficial content that has many link sources, screenshots, and more.

Content Personalization

A recent survey from Evergage has said it – 93% of marketers are using content personalization at least on a single channel within their marketing strategy.


Content personalization allows you to tailor your content your site deserves and provide a hassle-experience to users.

Also, for marketers, the tactic offers advantages such as:

Hence, visitors to your site get content that’s appealing to them.

Building Consumer Loyalty with Authenticity and Transparency

Authenticity matters for consumers.  Marketers know the importance of the trend, but only a few realize its true meaning.  Most marketers think that they’re content boosts authenticity, but consumers have different things to say.

Brands that have a great understanding of authenticity excel on their goals. A brand having authenticity upholds the promise and commitment to consumers. Once consumers see and prove authenticity, they pledge their loyalty.

Thus, marketers get a more loyal audience they dream of having.

Expand Strategies Past Blogging

Yes, let’s admit that blogging is essential in content marketing, and people are always reading blogs or articles on your site. But you’re missing a necessary thing – some online users are into video content as well.

So, don’t be afraid of going beyond your comfort zone of creating only articles for your audience.  Now is the right time to invade the world of podcasts, YouTube, live streaming, and webinars. Add these to your blogging strategies, and you get 100% of your audience’s attention.

Do Brand Storytelling Wisely

Okay, most marketers think that brand storytelling is about sharing who they are or why they’re doing their services. Well, this idea is wrong.

Truth is brand storytelling goes beyond telling people your history or the name of your brand. You see, brand storytelling means the experience you have with your customers.  Hence, it’s all about creating a big difference in the lives of your audiences.

Once you inspire your audience and create a change in their lives, they not only remember you, they treasure your brand.

Remember: These content and SEO trends are only the beginning. Marketers can accomplish more goals in the future, using other trends that would follow.

People are always open to new opportunities. The content and SEO trends this year are stepping stones for marketers to reach their goals in the future.

Do you want to achieve success? Then, don’t be afraid to include these trends in your strategies now!